The status of Antonio Fargas is legendary. Since his initiation into the world of film at the age of fourteen, when his exceptional interpretative skills led to a role in Shirley Clark's 'Cool World', he has been noted for the unforgettable characters he creates, most famously through his role as the incorrigible and loveable 'Huggy Bear' in TV's 'Starsky & Hutch'.

Whether perfecting outrageously comedic characters as in Robert Downey's 'Putney Swope' and Keenan Ivory Wayan's 'I'm Going to Git You Sucka', or chilling the audience through a convincing rendition of a ninety year old witchdoctor, as in the Broadway play, 'The Great White Hope', Antonio's performances have generated a near endless array of enthusiastic acclaim from some of the industry's most respected critics of film, television and stage.

His film credits include, 'Shaft', 'Car Wash', 'Pretty Baby', 'Next Stop, Greenwich Village', 'Le Bell Anglaise', 'Whore', 'Conrack', 'The Howling VI' and 'The Borrower', amongst many others. Antonio's television credits include starring, recurrent and guest roles on 'Miami Vice', 'Starsky and Hutch', 'All My Children', 'Martin', among many other programs. His list of 'Movies Of The Week' includes: ABC's 'Huggy Bear and The Turkey', PBS's 'Denmark Veresy', ABC's 'Huckleberry Finn' and CBS's 'Ambush Murder'.

In addition to his many accolades in the film and television industry, Mr. Fargas has naturally transitioned into his life-long passion of philanthropy. Currently he is actively involved with the West Las Vegas Arts Center and travels the world conducting acting workshops, directing stage productions and guest lecturing at colleges and universities. As an icon of film and television, Mr. Fargas also serves as a motivational speaker for academic and corporate organizations